38 323Sports.com | Sales@323Sports.com | (800) 940-8958 FREE SHIPPING on all orders with 12 pieces or more! RUGBY DESCRIPTION: PART #: FABRIC: NUMBERS: SIZES: COST: $39.95 ELITE SHORT Our Elite short is simply one of the finest rugby shorts in the world today. Manufactured from a unique combination of durable twill, high stretch spandex and our exclusive sweat wiper suede . The Elite shorts offer a combination of the comfort and features a discerning rugby player could ever want. RU-SS-101 / Men RU-SS-201 / Women Heavyweight twill (white)/Heavyweight spandex (yellow)/ Micro suede (beige) Optional Mens S-3XL | Boys S-XL | Womens 5-12 Information Sheet / Pre-Designed Templates / Fabrics Click to open detail pages Mens Profile Womens Profile