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10 Years Of 323 Sports

In 2024, we celebrate our tenth year of existence, our tenth year of serving our customers, and our tenth year of Doing It Right!


Years In Business





Our Customers Throughout The Years

We wouldn't have made it ten years without the support of our customers!

What Our Customers Have To Say About 323 Sports

“323 Sports genuinely cares about your needs, your team, and creating the best possible product.”

CJ Roberts College Coach and Club Director

“The quality of the clothing, the customizable package, and the great customer service all added up to one of the best experiences I've had ordering team gear.”

Landon Cathers Ultimate Frisbee Team Captian

"The customer service you will receive with 323 Sports is unmatched. After working with several national companies, you realize that the customer doesn't always come first with may of those guys. This is not the case with 323."

Phillip Starnes High School Coach

“I can honestly say though that the "Do It Right" slogan of 323 is represented in the communication of the team, the overall quality of the product, and the extremely reasonable prices that they offer.”

Nate Chatfield Youth Coach


    If you take out the team in teamwork, it’s just work. Now who wants that?

    What We Have To Say About 323 Sports

    “These first 10 years, it's been amazing. And we didn't really have any specific goals in mind when we started this–just Do It Right every day.”

    Keith Rogers Managing Partner

    “When I think back about the last 10 years, the word that just kept coming to my mind is the word thankful, just thankful.”

    Mike Paramore Managing Partner

    “I'm kind of the old guy, I'm in the fourth quarter of my career. So [I just love] watching these young guys come into the company and mature as people & professionals.”

    Mark Barth Sales Manager

    “What I love the most about this, 323 is what we stand for–we want to Do It Right. There's just great people on board and a great direction, it just feels like family.”

    Devin Terris Sales Rep

    “We do everything wholeheartedly as for the Lord, to the Lord and not to man. So that's a way of life. It's a reminder of how we should live...and also how we should work. ”

    Jonathan Peckham Sales Rep

    “I love the fact that we do take a stance in this world.”

    Travis Woodham Sales Rep

    “It's like a family. I mean, I know obviously we do business, but all the guys, and really even the wives, are close. We enjoy spending time with each other when we can.”

    Jackie Fingleton Sales Rep

    “I love what 323 Sports stands for and what we're all about.”

    Matt Hoemann Operations

    “We're all friends. We're all able to collaborate, effectively work together and solve problems”

    John Dalby Shipping and Receiving