$50 Team Packs

$50 Team Packs let you outfit your teams in high-quality gear for less. So before you buy from the big brands in 2021, check out 323 Sports!

$50 Team Packs

$50 Team Packs let you outfit your teams in high-quality gear for less. So before you buy from the big brands in 2021, check out 323 Sports!

Custom Face Masks

Face masks may be here to stay for the near future.

Starting at just $5.95, our custom face masks are a great way to keep your team safe and looking good!

Good Game by 323 Sports

Tired of overpaying for big brands? Just want to find some really good uniforms at some really good prices? You aren’t alone.

That’s why we created Good Game.

Custom Backpacks

Custom Backpacks are the hottest new accessory for team sports in 2021.

Before you pay too much with the big brands or get some shoddily made, learn more about your amazing options with 323 Sports! 

Using Social Media In Your Athletic Department

Kyle McVey, AD at Schaumburg Christian School ( and good friend of 323 Sports), details how he uses social media to promote SCS teams, connect with players & students, and grow the school’s brand!

Want the best uniforms on the market?


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Team Sports

Uniforms, Equipment, Team Gear, Accessories, Coaching Gear and much more.


Spirit Wear

School T-shirts, Hoodies, Headwear, Blankets and much more.



Uniforms and Equipment including our famous $14.95 performance set (printing and shipping included).


Brand Identity

3 great packages at 3 incredible prices. Contact us for more info.


Corporate & Non-Profit

Staff Apparel, Church Tees, Coffee Mugs and much more!



PT Uniforms, Headwear, Sweatshirts, T-shirts and much more.

Why 323?

Because we Do it Right! What’s the most important thing to you and the program you are trying to build? Is it your time? Need for great prices? Good communication? Quick turnaround? We are confident that we will exceed your expectations in all 4. Give us a shot! Our team understands what it takes to run an excellent program and we are excited at the opportunity to help you in any way that we can.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on all apparel orders that have at least 12 pieces or more. We also include free freight on all of our online store orders.

5% Cash Back

Learn how you and your program can earn up to 5% cash back on every dollar you spend with 323 Sports!

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Your time is important to us. That’s why we shoot to deliver each of your orders in 2 weeks or less.

Online Store

All software is not equal. We’re confident that you will love our newly redesigned online store.


While we are far from what some people would consider “tree huggers”, we do see the value in recycling when possible.


It’s not just about 323. We are passionate about using our God-given opportunities for a much bigger purpose.

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Good Game vs 323 Custom

For those who have ordered with 323 Sports in the past few years, you should know about our two in-house brands: Good Game and 323 Custom. These two brands are completely ours, they aren’t Russell or Adidas gear with a 323 logo slapped on them. And because they're...

Sublimation vs. Screen Printing: What You Need To Know

The last time you designed or purchased uniforms for your team, you might have been asked if you wanted to do sublimation or screen printing. If you're unsure about which is better for your needs, we've outlined the pros & cons for each and show you what you need...

Using Social Media in Your Athletic Department

Social Media, Branding, and Developing an Identity for Your School's Athletic Department.  by Kyle McVeyThe most important aspect of marketing and branding is realizing that you truly can be the one to tell the story of your program. When you tell your...

24/7 Stores

24/7 Online Stores! They’re finally here! Many of you have requested the ability to leave your online spirit wear stores open with us year-round. Great news…now you can! Here are a few things to note about our 24/7 online stores. 1 – Shipping:  Everything ships...



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