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We’ve worked extremely hard over the last half-decade to create two in-house brands: 323 Custom and Good Game. These aren’t just Adidas or Badger “dups” with our labels slapped on them; these are truly unique 323 Sports brands that you can’t get anywhere else (for now 😉).

So why would we go through all the work of creating, sourcing, and marketing our own in-house brands? The short answer: you. Because we can control the entire sourcing process, we can offer you better quality and more options, all at a lower price than other “nationwide brands.” Now that’s value!

We offer free shipping on all apparel orders with 12 pieces or more (to the lower 48 states). We also include free freight on all of our online team store orders.

Why offer free shipping when so many other companies are just tacking it on at the end of your invoice? Well, it makes your life easier! When you don’t have to worry about calculating shipping after the fact, you’re not only saving money, but you can
communicate better with your staff, athletic director, parents, and players!


Free Shipping


All-School Deals

Are you an Athletic Director? Here’s some real value for you – 323 Sports offers All-School Deals on our two in-house brands, 323 Custom and Good Game!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can save BIG 💰, and be one of the first to showcase two of the most up-and-coming brands in team sports, let us know! .

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