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Style On The Court Just Got Cheaper

Ballin’ on a Budget.

 Outfitting your Basketball program is not cheap! Home uniforms, away uniforms, warm-ups, shooting shirts, backpacks…It all adds up quickly. 😫

GOOD NEWS — Our custom Good Game packages offer teams the chance to buy quality basketball uniforms and gear that cost up to 70% less than the big brands!

Our Good Game line is perfect for programs on a tight budget, JV teams who really want to stand out, or travel teams that need an inexpensive uniform package that’ll set them apart.


Uniforms can also be a statement piece for your basketball program. Before the ball is even tipped, your uniforms can speak volumes about your team and how they play. Because the adage is true:

“Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good.”

So even if you’re on a budget this year, 323 Sports and our Good Game line can help your team hit the court with uniforms they’ll be excited to play in!

All-Star Customer Service

If you ask our customers what separates 323 Sports from the competition, they’ll all give the same answer: Customer Service.

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