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Be Outstanding With Branding

Fundamentally, a brand is what people think of when they hear your  your school’s name. In order to influence what people think, marketers must be positively and effectively branding their athletic department. (And yes, if you are reading this, you are most likely a marketer for your school’s athletic department, whether you know it or not!)

What is branding? Branding is simply telling your athletic department’s story. That’s probably easy for you to do, but could some infer your “brand” by walking through your athletic facility?

We’ve found most high school athletic departments struggle to communicate their brand (i.e., tell their story) through the two most basic mediums: their logo and their facility.

At 323 Sports, we work with athletic departments to first redesign their logo, and in turn, rethink their current brand. Then, we use that new logo and brand identity to give their facility a facelift with wall graphics, window stickers, media backdrops, and more! 

Logo Redesign

Your logo is almost always the first touch point someone has with your program, whether a community member, student, fan, or even an opponent. They’ll see your logo on someone’s sweatshirt at the grocery store, on a schedule card in a gas station, or in the local newspaper.

Now picture your current logo in those situations described above: 

  • Does it stand out or blend in?
  • Is it memorable or forgettable?
  • Does it reflect the state of your program today, or is it a relic of the past?

At 323 Sports, we help programs understand the role their logo plays in their program’s brand. We’ll work with you to redesign your logo so that it stands out, is memorable, and helps tell part of the story of who/what your program is today!


Facility Branding

Almost everywhere you look in your athletic facility (and around campus) there is an opportunity to proudly showcase your athletic department’s brand. Once we’ve helped you establish a new logo and wordmark, we’ll get to work on designing displays around your facility. 

We’ve helped put logos and graphics on everything:

– Doors
– Windows
– Hallways
– Wall Padding
– Scoreboard

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