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The last time you designed or purchased uniforms for your team, you might have been asked if you wanted to do sublimation or screen printing. If you’re unsure about which is better for your needs, we’ve outlined the pros & cons for each and show you what you need to know before your next order.


Sublimation is a process of putting logos, designs, and colors on a garment (shirts, uniforms, masks, etc) through ink injection.

With sublimation, ink turns into a gas (that’s how hot it gets!) and is injected directly into the fabric to become part of the material. It can be used on any part of a garment and almost every performance fabric on the market can be sublimated.



  • ZERO color chipping.
  • Unlimited flexibility in design.
  • Lower cost for large color/design orders.



  • Since garments start as a white canvas, picks & pulls are often evident (if not taken care of)
  • Turnaround time can take a little longer than printed
  • Garments must be at least 65% polyester.
  • Garments are not 100% recyclable.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is the process of printing a graphic with silkscreen ink on a garment through a screen. 

With screen printing, the design is put as a layer on top of the garment and each color has to be “screened” individually.



  • Great price point for single color designs.
  • Great for 100% cotton or cotton-blend material (think camp t-shirts)
  • Great for large, single-color bulk orders. 


  • Colors and designs often crack, peel, and/or fade over time.
  • Limited in design and colors per garment.
  • Expensive if not done in large bulk orders.



Why Sublimation?

Apparel Lasts Longer

The ink becomes a part of the fabric making it less likely for clothing to chip, fade or peel off. The fabric is also lighter, cleaner, and more durable.

Endless Possibilities

Whether we print 10 or 100, the set-up and process is the same for every item. Designs can be placed anywhere on a garment and there are no limits to colors or patterns.

No Extra Costs

Sublimation allows you to print everything in one piece so you don’t have to pay more for extra colors or designs.

Easy Reorders

Another advantage of sublimation is you can easily reorder items. If a player loses a jersey or you add another athlete to your squad, you can get the same item without having to pay set-up costs.

Say Goodbye To Screen Printed Stock Uniforms 👋

Big Brands often use “stock” uniforms as a way to outfit teams with low budgets. If you want ZERO customization and ZERO style points, then stock uniforms could be a good option for you.

However, as soon as you try to add any customization, color, or design to a stock uniform, the price goes WAY up. And even worse, stock uniforms are usually discontinued after a year or two, so reordering is nearly impossible.

With 323 Sports, we can help teams look good and pay A LOT less! Our Good Game line focuses on value but uses sublimation to give you all the customization and design you want.

Learn more about how 323 Sports can get you looking good on a small budget TODAY!

Say Hello To The Beautiful World of Sublimation 👍


Frequently Asked Questions

(And our answers!)

Doesn't Sublimation Cost More?

Our Good Game jerseys (with full customization included) start at $30. 😱 Big-brand stock jerseys with basic screen printing can start at just $30 too, BUT every color, number or design that you want to add will only increase that amount significantly…something you don’t have to worry about with sublimation! With sublimation, there are no additional costs for added elements or colors, and the designs last way longer!

Doesn’t Sublimation Take a Long Time?

Turnaround time with sublimation is something that has greatly improved over the years. With advances in technology and processes, fully sublimated items can be in your hands in four weeks or less!

 Interested in Sublimated Uniforms?

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