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For those who have ordered with 323 Sports in the past few years, you should know about our two in-house brands: Good Game and 323 Custom. These two brands are completely ours, they aren’t Russell or Adidas gear with a 323 logo slapped on them. And because they’re ours, we have our hand in every aspect of Good Game and 323 Custom: the design, production, quality assurance, and delivery  

That’s why we wanted to take the time to highlight both Good Game and 323 Custom, both next to their comps in the industry and next to each other. We’ll explain what makes each of them different and which type of team/program they are perfect for. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll see why we are so proud to offer both of these brands to our customers!

Good Game

Really Good Uniforms at Really Good Prices

Value Brands vs Good Game

Good Game is our “value brand” here at 323 Sports. When talking about similar brands in terms of quality, Champion, Russell or Badger come to mind. What sets Good Game apart from these other brands is the customization options and our prices.

Customization with some value brands leads to the total cost of your order skyrocketing. What starts as a $40 per jersey order ends up being more than $60 per jersey after you get all the combinations you are looking for…not with Good Game! Through our special sublimation process, we’re able to fully customize uniforms and keep your total costs low.

So if you are thinking about making the switch from a big brand so you can save BIG, or you just want some extra customization for less…Good Game has you covered!

Value Brands vs Good Game

323 Custom

An All-Around Premium Look

Big Brands vs 323 Custom

323 Custom is our “premium brand” here at 323 Sports. Brands we’d consider comparable to 323 Custom would be Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor. What sets 323 Custom apart from these other brands is our obsession with quality, customization, and fair pricing.

If you are looking for a high-quality brand that will last a couple of seasons both in build and in style, 323 Custom is your perfect fit. 

323 Custom allows you to have the best quality uniforms without having to look like every other team out there. The designs and details are the best of the best at even better prices than the big brands. 

Which Is Better For My Team? 

Good Game or 323 Custom?

Now that we’ve told you why Good Game and 323 Custom are great options, we want to help you figure out which is the right fit for you. 

Good Game is great for programs that are on a budget or who might want to get more bang for the buck and buy multiple, customizable uniform sets while still staying within budget.

323 Custom is defined by its quality. This brand was created to give customers fully custom options without having to compromise the look and feel of their uniforms.

323 Sports is dedicated to Doing it Right and helping you find the perfect fit.

Good Game vs 323 Sports

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