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Interviewing coaches over the past five years for A Quick Timeout podcast, I’ve had the privilege of speaking with numerous individuals who run successful sports programs. While I’ve learned there isn’t one right way to do things, I’ve noticed three common elements shared by every successful program.

1) A Set of Guiding Core Values

While each coach possesses personal values, the most successful programs are run by coaches with clearly defined and communicated values. Think back to some influential coaches of the past. For John Wooden, it was his Pyramid of Success. For Mike Krzyzewski, the “Fist.” Whether it’s 3, 5, or 10 core values, the number isn’t as important as what your values communicate to those in and around your program.

Defined values help set the foundation for your team’s culture. Collectively, they shape how team members interact with each other and even how they play the game. And as individuals live out those values, you’ll see them grow as a cohesive unit.

2) Shared Culture

A shared culture goes beyond just having core values. Developing a strong sense of unity and togetherness translates to success on and off the court.

When you think of the most successful teams, they weren’t just a collection of talented players. They were a unit with a shared vision, a distinct style of play, and a respect for each other. A shared culture fosters that kind of connection, making the program much more than just a team – it becomes a family.

3) Commitment to Person Development

Success means so much more than winning games. It also means more than developing better sports players. Developing people, not winning, should be a coach’s #1 priority. When people are prioritized, you’ll see growth in areas like communication, discipline, and leadership. Couple person development with good coaching and hard work, and the winning will take care of itself.

About The Author

Tony Miller is a professor of Sports Coaching at Bob Jones University and the host of A Quick Timeout podcast. In addition, he is the assistant basketball coach for the Bob Jones University Bruins.

During his time with the Bruins, the men’s basketball program has won 4 NCCAA South Region championships and made 5 NCCAA national tournament appearances. He has coached multiple NCCAA All-Region and All-American players.

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