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24/7 Online Stores!

They’re finally here! Many of you have requested the ability to leave your online spirit wear stores open with us year-round. Great news…now you can! Here are a few things to note about our 24/7 online stores.

1 – Shipping:  Everything ships directly to your home (instead of shipping to 1 designated location). The convenience is awesome, but there will be a small shipping fee. However, the good news is that we offer free freight on any order over $75!

2 – Price:  Since every order on a 24/7 store is processed individually, the costs for these orders are usually quite a bit higher.

3 – Turnaround:  We advertise our normal 2 week delivery for these 24/7 stores. Realistically though, most orders on these stores will ship within a week or less!

4 – Kickback:  One of the nicest things about our 24/7 stores is the ability for your program to make some money. We offer 10% back on every single order!

5 – Setup:  Unlike our normal 2-week stores that are completely free to setup, 24/7 stores do incur a very small initiation fee ($75 per design). This basically enables us to setup your logo for on demand printing.

 If you’re trying to decide between opening one of these types of stores or a traditional 2-week store, look at what’s most important to you and your program. Is it price and the ability to make the most money for your school? If so, I would suggest going with our traditional 2-week stores. Is convenience the most important factor? If so, then I would strongly suggest our 24/7 stores. Once you’re setup, there’s literally nothing else you have to do. 

Still not sure if a 24/7 store is right for you? Email us at sales@323sports.com or call 800 940 8958 for more info. I’ve also included a sample of one of our 24/7 stores here.  Lastly, don’t forget to check out our reviews on GOOGLE and FACEBOOK!

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