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At 323 Sports, we understand that every coach’s time and money are at a premium.

When it comes to making team orders, nobody likes tracking down athletes’ uniform sizes, money, and other personal information. Now, with 323 Sports’ custom team stores, there is no more unnecessary frustration.

Sound too good to be true? Want to know more? Here are three answers to some of the frequently asked team store questions…

Q: How do I make money?

A: By placing a team store price higher than the actual cost of the item.

If your cost on a 2-color print short-sleeve tee is $10, and you choose to set the price of that item at $12, then you would make $2.00. It’s that simple!

Once all the orders have been placed and your store has closed, the total margin made will be applied as a credit on your account. That money can then be used for any future uniform, apparel, or equipment purchases through 323 Sports.

Q: How many items can I put on the team store?

A: As many as you want!

You can choose to put just one tee in your store, or you can include 20 items (jackets, hats, shorts etc.). The important thing to remember is you must sell at least 12 items per screen size and design. For example, if you had a hoodie, short-sleeve tee and long-sleeve tee all with the same design, then you could sell four hoodies, four short-sleeve tees and four long-sleeve tees, totaling 12 pieces (all with the same screen size and design).

Q: Can I return an item and receive something different?

A: Unfortunately, no

When someone purchases an item through the team store, their order is placed in our software. At the same time, all other teammates, coaches, students, and parents are placing their store orders as well. Once the store closes, we immediately begin processing all orders. We do not print or embroider any extra items not purchased through the team store (i.e., single items cannot be printed or embroidered).

To learn more about our team stores, watch the short video below.

If you are interested in setting up your own team store, just email sales@323sports.com or call (800) 940-8958.

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