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Yep, we got em! Any color…any design…any logo(s). The possibilities are endless. Instead of getting that same stock backpack this year with your logo embroidered on the front pocket, why not create your own unique bag for the same price or less!  Here are a few good reasons why you should:

1 – Branding:  This one really goes without saying, but if you’re trying to separate your program from the rest, you’ve got to start incorporating that unique look and “brand.” There’s not a better way to accomplish this distinct identity than with a vibrant well-designed backpack. It’s not just for schools and teams either. Churches, corporations and other similar groups have all greatly benefited from adding custom backpacks to their list of offerings.

2 – Sponsorships:  It’s no secret, schools, clubs and pretty much any type of organized sports group have always relied upon outside funding to operate their programs. A lot of these sponsorships offer a logo on the back of a kid’s jersey in exchange for a 1x donation. But here’s the problem…after 1 season, that kid will likely grow out of the jersey and never wear it again. But what if we offered that same logo on the kid’s backpack? Not only would the bag (and sponsor’s logo) be used a lot longer, but that same sponsor will likely be willing to pay much more for the sponsorship.

3 – Pricing:  Now the question that everyone is dying to know… how much do these backpacks cost?  Believe it or not, custom sublimated backpacks are not as expensive as you might think (at least the ones that you can buy through 323 Sports 😊). After you factor in all the customization that most teams get, a custom bag might actually be cheaper.  In fact, if you are choosing to go with a higher end brand like Nike, Adidas or UA, your bag will cost more than our custom one without any decoration at all!

If you have any questions about our custom backpacks, please don’t  hesitate to contact us at info@323sports.com or by phone at 800 940 8958. Also, don’t forget to check out our reviews on GOOGLE and FACEBOOK!

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