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If you haven’t noticed yet, we really take branding seriously here at 323. Whether it’s our t-shirts, decorations around the office or even the cornhole boards in our back warehouse, our 323 logo can be seen everywhere. It’s not because we’re just obsessed with the bright Carolina blue and 323 numbers (although we definitely are). It’s because we are seeking to build a BRAND. If you’re the head of a school or organization out there reading this article, you should be seeking to build a brand too! It’s your identity. It’s what you become known for and it’s your first impression to those you are trying to recruit. Don’t be that organization who doesn’t take it seriously. Remember, if you don’t take it seriously, most likely your prospect students and employees won’t either.  

The good news is that there are many affordable branding options out there that won’t break the bank. Companies like 99 Designs offer package deals that utilize the web to crowdsource your logo options. This is a great starting point and should get you something decent for a great price. The main downfall here is the quality. You’ll get designs from all over the globe so there’s no guarantee that you will get one that you like. Even if you paid their highest rate you will still not get the communication and branding guidelines that are necessary for an organization who’s wanting to really stand out. If quality is your main concern, you could go the high-end agency route who will charge $500 just for a consultation + another $5-7k to get the finalized logos! Then there’s 323 Sports. Many of you probably didn’t even know that we offer one of the most competitive branding packages on the market. For $500 you can have your own first-class logo that matches or surpasses the quality of any high-end agency out there. If you want to take it a step further, we can even offer your own branding book pdf with all the specific colors, fonts and guidelines that are needed to really “do it right.” For those of you looking to rebrand your program to the highest level without paying an outrageous amount, look no further than 323 Sports. For more info, please contact sales@323sports.com or 800-940-8958.

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