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Let me start off by summarizing what an “all school deal” really is. Basically, this phrase refers to any type of contract between an institution (school, college or similar) and one of the big 3 brands like Nike, Adidas or Under Armour. These contracts can sometimes offer up to 40% off catalog pricing and even 10% back in promotional dollars! So, what else do you need to know before signing that deal? I’ve highlighted 3 important considerations below. Hope this is helpful!

1 – Preference:  We all know that every kid has a specific brand that he is married to. Coaches are no different. Everyone is obsessed with one of these global brands, but you can only pick 1 in these deals. Before you sign, just know that there will likely be a few unhappy coaches at your next staff meeting.

2 – Customer Service:   As with most major brands, the customer service is not going to be as good. Due to the high demand and the “people are going to buy it anyway” mentality that these behemoths often demonstrate, you simply will not get the best customer care. That being said, the sporting goods company that you choose to service the contract can make a HUGE difference in your overall experience with the brand.

3 – Actual Cost: So now you’re past points 1 and 2 and ready to sign. Let’s look at 1 more consideration before you commit. As I mentioned above, some of these deals can offer up to 40% off catalog pricing and 10% back in rewards. That really sounds great and a lot of times it does amount to a significant savings (especially if you’re going to be buying one of these brands anyway). However, there are a few other costs to consider. Here are 3 quick ones…

  • Shipping:  Most companies will offer free freight on orders over a certain dollar amount. With all school deals, your discount often does NOT include shipping costs.
  • Decoration:  That 40% off discount is for blank items only. Decoration prices are factored separately and can often be astronomical (depending on what company you’re working with).
  • Catalog Pricing:  Again, that 10% kickback is great, but remember that you’re getting that money back at catalog pricing. This means that your $1,000 in Nike rewards can only get you about 15 polos (since their average shirt retails for $65!). Plus, you’ll need to find enough money in the budget to cover the freight and decoration costs on these FREE polos 😊

In summary, these contracts are not all bad. If you’re a bigger institution spending north of $50k annually, you might want to consider one of these deals. They really add a lot to a school’s marketing capabilities and can really be advantageous for recruiting purposes. If your school is already going to be buying one of these 3 brands and budget is not a factor, I would strongly advise you to explore one of these deals. In the end, you will save some money and really brand your athletic program. If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about one of these all school deals, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at sales@323sports.com or by phone at 800 340 8958.

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