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From day one, 323 Sports has focused its attention primarily on the team sporting goods industry. High schools, colleges, leagues and other similar groups have always been #1. That will likely never change, but there is a large portion of 323’s annual revenue that comes from groups outside of this specific “team” market. Churches, small businesses and other similar establishments have worked with 323 from the very beginning. In fact, some of our earliest orders were from these types of organizations.  

Up until recently, we have only been able to provide these customers with printing and embroidery services for basic items such as polos, jackets and bags. If you needed custom pens, coffee mugs, umbrellas or any other type of promotional items, 323 was simply not the place for you.

As of December 2018, this has all changed. Now, if you need those custom pens, coffee mugs, lunch coolers or pretty much anything you can imagine requiring custom decoration, 323 is the place for you. Just visit www.323promo.com and start browsing our extensive library of completely customizable products. We even have a super intuitive “virtual sample” tool that allows you to create your own custom products immediately online. Just add your logo one time and watch it superimpose onto every item on the site. It’s a really helpful tool!

If you have any questions about our new promotional site, or if you’d like to learn more about placing a promotional order, please don’t hesitate to email us at sales@323sports.com. Thanks for choosing 323 Sports!

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