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What a catchy title. Sounds more like a typical click bait article on the bottom of Yahoo, right? Well, good news for those of you who kept reading anyway…it’s not. There really is a simple solution to the annual fundraising woes that haunt booster clubs and administrators alike. Here it is…online spirit wear stores. No, not the ones that are open year round for anyone to order anything at any time. Those are great too and super convenient, but they never produce a lot of money because the prices are way too high and the parents have no incentive to buy now.

The online stores that produce the most money are the ones that are opened for approximately 2 weeks or less. Some people call them “Flash Stores.”  These stores drive the most revenue because the prices will be much lower (since everything is decorated at the same time) and the parents feel pressure to order now (before the store closes). This is essentially how they work…

1 – You pick out a couple of designs and offer them on a few core pieces like t-shirts, hoodies, polos etc… **We suggest limiting the design and product offerings so you can drive more volume per design/product. This will help keep the costs down which is helpful since you will have full control over what you want to sell the items for.

2 – We create a FREE online store that houses the designs and products you just selected. The key here is making sure that you get this link sent out to all your parents, grandparents and pretty much anyone that might be interested in buying your school’s spirit wear.

3 – The store closes in 2 weeks (approximately). This is really all you need to know because the rest is on us! In about 3 weeks, you can expect a box or two to arrive with everyone’s orders individually bagged so that all you need to do is have them come by the office and pick them up!

So, just to summarize why online spiritwear stores are the easiest way for schools to make money, here’s everything in a nutshell. With very little work and $0 upfront money, you can quickly raise a ton of money, have your school’s brand all over the community and the best part….not have to chase down a single size or dollar from any of your parents.

If you have any questions about our online stores, please don’t  hesitate to contact us at info@323sports.com or by phone at 800 940 8958. Here’s a quick video that might help too. Don’t forget to check out our reviews on GOOGLE and FACEBOOK!

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