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Have you ever been to a basketball game and caught yourself staring at the other team’s bright, creative uniforms? How on earth did they get that crazy, awesome design all over their jerseys?

How It Works

When sublimating a jersey, tee or any type of cloth or apparel, the ink is actually transformed into a gas-like substance that infuses throughout the entire garment. This unique process allows your design to be placed anywhere on the uniform without any additional setups or screens. With traditional screen printing, the ink is printed on top of the material which limits the amount of coverage you can decorate without adding a lot of setup costs. 

Why Choose Sublimation

  1. It’s affordable. If you’re wanting a fancy uniform full of intricate designs and fine details, you will pay a fortune in fees for screen printing. With sublimation, there are no screen fees regardless of the design!
  2. It’s easy.You can pick any design you want with sublimated apparel. Traditional screen-printing can’t be applied to seems, surfaces larger than 12” (approx.) and other various limitations.
  3. It’s value.Because the sublimation process allows the gas-like ink to be totally infused into the material, the fabric will be lighter, cleaner and more durable. 

That’s why coaches, athletes and business owners across the United States love the sublimation process. If your team is considering purchasing new uniforms, click here.

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