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Did you know that 323 supports some incredible foundations and ministries across the country?  It’s not something that we advertise often, but we do try to give back to those entities that are truly making a difference in our world. One such organization that has been a great partner to us from the very beginning is Vs Cancer.  

Former UNC baseball alum Chase Jones founded Vs Cancer in late 2012 after a 6-year bout with brain cancer.  He started this great organization with the desire to help young people all over the world fight this same deadly disease. Every year, thousands of young athletes will shave their heads in support of childhood cancer. What an incredible way to show support to those who are battling this terrible illness.  We truly are blessed to be a very small part of Vs Cancer and the difference they are making in the lives of so many kids around the world.

Today, Vs Cancer is the signature national fundraising campaigner for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation  (the world’s largest non-profit dedicated to children fighting the deadliest childhood cancer). If your team is looking for an incredible cause to be a part of, please look no further than Vs Cancer.  Here’s a quick video that gives you a better idea of what Vs Cancer is doing. “Get in the game!”

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