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Our sales team recently took a trip to Statesville, North Carolina to visit one of the best manufacturers in the industry –  Badger Sportswear. One of the trip’s highlights was our very own Badger travel bags. Included in each bad was a long sleeve performance jacket with our 323 logo already printed on the left chest. Needless to say, it was a great first impression! But Badger Sportswear isn’t just awesome with customer service and taking care of team dealers like us. They also produce some of the finest products on the market! Here’s why we chose to use Badger Sportswear products in many of our new ELITE Team Packs:

  1. Quality. Every single product that leaves Badger’s doors must be approved in their state of the art testing facility. Color variance, moisture wicking performance, fabric picking tendencies and other important tests are all meticulously tested. To our knowledge, there’s not another setup like it in the entire team industry!
  2. Innovation. Badger is known for their variety of product styles, vast color offerings and wide range of sizes. Endless styles + great inventory is an unbeatable combination. Badger Sportswear excels at both.
  3. Value. You simply will not find a better price for the quality. While Badger Sportswear may not necessarily be the cheapest manufacturer, they do make a number of the best products on the market – and at extremely competitive prices. If value is what you’re looking for, Badger Sportswear is the place to go.

Rest assured, when you purchase our Elite Team Packs with all Badger Sportswear products, you won’t be disappointed! Get your team in some Badger Sportswear today! Email sales@323sports.com or call toll free (800) 940-8958 with your order.

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